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W.O. Comstock & Associates, formerly known as AMRHealth, has developed, installed, supported and administered business-to-business (B2B) transactions and expert reimbursement processes for over 25 years. Our software supports payors mission critical reimbursement process through enterprise software licensing, consulting or as an ASP (Application Service Provider). Supporting all forms of managed-care delivery, marketing technology and services to insurance companies, third-party administrators, hospitals, HMOs, PPOs, TPAs and self-insured employer groups.

Triadic Operability™  integrates medical and clinical coding policies, provider contracts and guidelines and health plan business rules into one set of highly efficient and integrated claims adjudication and administration platforms. Using EDI and the Internet for real-time claims adjudication to connect providers, payors and other healthcare trading partners through intelligent integration, and redefining the meaning of responsible reimbursement. AMRHEALTH’s real time processes have addressed HealthCare’s most troubling issue…timely and accurate reimbursement of medical claims.

  • As a developer of “expert” reimbursement and decision support technology since 1981.
  • As a technology centric “consultant”, used by leading managed care organizations.
  • As an “Application Service Provider” delivering online adjudication and real time payment of medical claims via the Internet.
  • As an “industry leader” with 2 of every 3 Physicians in the US utilizing W.O. Comstock & Associates solutions for their own individual Catastrophic Major Medical, Medicare Supplement and Indemnity needs.
  • As an “early adopter” of RBRVS, NCCI and HIPPA standards.

Home  |  Our Company  |  Products & Services  |  Capabilities  |  Management  |  FAQ  |  News & Events