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January 17, 2000

AMR Forms Strategic Technology Partnership with Union Pacific Railroad
Employees Health Systems.

    Albany, NY - Advanced Management Research, Inc. (AMR) has announced the formation of a partnership with Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems (UPREHS) that will consolidate Information technology strategies for the two organizations.

    The partnership involves the application of AMR's health care reimbursement software and provides AMR with significant growth opportunities through UPREHS's provider network - which includes 350,000 participating providers in 50 states - and business trading partners.

    Expanding its role as an application service provider, AMR will streamline UPREHS' medical administrative processes by linking multiple user groups across the nation through its Internet-based clinical software system.  As a preferential client, UPREHS will provide AMR with consultation and direction on new product development and will share revenue from future joint-venture business.

    "We're very pleased to be working closely with UPREHS in finding ways to reduce health care costs through Internet technologies," said Peter D. Perry, CEO of AMR.  "We believe this relationship will be mutually beneficial in that it permits AMR to grow business through UPREHS's wide medical community, and provides significant long-term savings in the administration of the UPREHS health plan."

    "As a non-profit organization, UPREHS has long been committed to providing quality care in the most cost-effective manner for our employees," said Dell Butterfield, President of UPREHS.  "Our five-year association with AMR has bolstered our ability to meet that goal, and helped us to gain approval from Health Care Financing Administration to offer Medicare coverage to our retiree population.  That is why it made perfect sense for us to expand this relationship."

    AMR is a health care information technology company that links providers, payers, employers, and employees through Internet software, thereby reducing the cost of health care delivery.  As an application service provider, AMR offers customized products to HMOs, PPOs, PHOs, IPAs and self-insured businesses that comprehensively integrate software, medical and clinical policies and health plan business rules.

    Established in 1947, UPREHS offers health care plans for 52, 000 employees and retired employees of the Union Pacific Railroad.  As North America's largest railroad, Union Pacific Railroad operates in the western two-thirds of the United States and links to every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port.  It is also the primary rail connection between the U.S. and Mexico.

For more information, please contact:

Bill Comstock
W.O. Comstock & Associates, LLC.
(785) 272-9173
Dell Butterfield, President
Kevin J. Potts, Vice President
Union Pacific Health Systems
(810) 595-4300

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