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W.O. Comstock & Associates initiates imaging project with help of Mize Houser

Topeka, KS - June 2008 - W.O. Comstock & Associates has contracted with Mize, Houser & Company of Topeka, KS in order to provide data and claims storage capability as well as imaging functionality for the company. The advancements are expected to expedite the process of retrieving old claims and assisting customers as well as providing a more polished and secure repository of the company's documents. W.O. Comstock will be utilizing the Mize Houser Doc Center product. When the project is completed, the Doc Center will be integrated with the CAPS claim system, allowing for the viewing of scanned documents by the simple use of a function key. Mize, Houser & Company, with several locations in NE Kansas, provides a variety of professional services to business including accounting, audit, tax, IT, financial planning and more.

W.O. Comstock & Associates forms partnership with Wabash Memorial Hospital

Decatur, IL - Summer 2006 - W.O. Comstock & Associates has implemented its claims adjudication software at Wabash Memorial Hospital in Decatur, IL.  Wabash Memorial Hospital hopes "to ensure ongoing rapid and accurate processing of medical bills" through implementing the software.  Wabash Memorial still serves nearly five thousand active and retired railroad workers and their families, remaining the seventh largest Railroad Hospital Association in the country.

W.O. Comstock & Associates reaches agreement with COBA

Oregon - May 2006 - W.O. Comstock & Associates has partnered with Coordination of Benefits Administration  out of Oregon.  The COBA partnership allows W.O. Comstock to receive claims coming from Medicare allowing us to serve a larger customer base.

W.O. Comstock & Associates acquires National Administration Services

Albany, NY - January 2006 - W.O. Comstock & Associates has acquired National Administration Services out of Albany, NY.  Founded in 2001, National Administration Services is a third party administration company specializing in self-funded medical, dental, and short term disability administration.  Since its creation, National Administration Services has served over 1500 members.

AMRHealth becomes W.O. Comstock & Associates

Topeka, KS - January 2005 - AMRHealth, Inc. of Albany, NY has officially become W.O. Comstock & Associates, LLC.  The company is named after its President and CEO, Mr. William Comstock.  Mr. Comstock, the former Vice President of Technology for AMRHealth, Inc., formed the new company to market and support the I-CAPS software product previously developed by AMRHealth, Inc.

W.O. Comstock & Associates forms partnership with Anthem

Indiana - January 2005 - W.O. Comstock & Associates has partnered with Anthem of Indiana in an agreement to provide claims processing for the clearing house.  Anthem of Blue Cross and Blue Shield provides a variety of health care services including dental, life, and pharmacy benefits in several locations throughout the country.

W.O. Comstock & Associates contracts with Advanced Business Fulfillment

Elmwood Park, NJ - Fall 2004 - W.O. Comstock & Associates has partnered with Advanced Business Fulfillment owned by the N.J.-based WebMD Corp. for health-care document processing.  ABF will print checks and explanation of benefits(EOBs) saving clients and consumers money.  WebMD provides a variety of services to physicians, provides, and health plans to help streamline processes and reduce costs.

AMRHealth forms partnership with Emdeon, formerly Web MD

Nashville, TN- December 2003 - AMRHealth has partnered with Emdeon, formerly known as Web MD, in an agreement to oversee claims processing for the Nashville-based clearing house.  Emdeon provides cycle management solutions that accelerate and simplify the payment cycle for healthcare providers, payers, and patients.

AMR Forms Strategic Technology Partnership with Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems

Albany, NY - January 2000 - Advanced Management Research, Inc. (AMR) has announced the formation of a partnership with Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems (UPREHS) that will consolidate Information technology strategies for the two organizations.

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