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W.O. Comstock & Associates, formerly known as, AMRHEALTH is a Healthcare Information Technology company that links providers, payers, employers and employees for more cost effective healthcare delivery

Enabling Health Care Solutions since 1981, W.O.Comstock & Associates, provides proven software, internet-enabled technology and managed care services for the deployment and distribution of healthcare information technology. Triadic Operability™ Architecture is our patent pending approach to merging rules from health care plans, provider contracts and coding and compliance into a single seamless architecture. Available through enterprise licensing or as an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, our approach integrates not just software, but medical and clinical policies and health plan business rules into smart web-enabled software solutions.

Our knowledge based, "expert systems", go beyond other systems to deliver complete software solutions supporting business to business health care transactions easily and consistently.

An ASP is a new alternative for Information Technology outsourcing that allows users to run a software application over the internet on a monthly subscription basis or transaction fee basis. It provides for electronic time-sharing of expert software and infrastructure at fractional costs. This allows health care payers to focus on their business needs not IT issues.

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